Demand REsponsive trAnsport integrating regional Mobility networks for PAssengers in Central Europe

Duration: 01/03/2023 – 28/02/2026



CUP F89I23000140007
Total amount of financing: Project budget: € 2.821.943 (of which EU FESR project funding: € 2.257.554), SRM budget: € 361.105 (of which National Co-funding: € 72.221)
SRM financial sources: 80% ERDF Interreg Central Europe Programme 2021-2027, 20% Fondo di Rotazione nazionale (National Revolving Fund)
Project start date: 1 March 2023
Financial and procedural implementation status: Ongoing


The territory of central Europe is characterized by uneven transport connections and mobility opportunities, across and within regions, between urbanized contexts and rural and peripheral areas. The project’s common challenge is to improve accessibility and connectivity in CE peripheral and rural areas through better integration of public transport networks with Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services, building on joint development and implementation of governance, planning, digital and operational innovations.
DREAM_PACE will develop innovative DRT concepts complementing regional mobility networks. The project will improve DRT planning and delivery capacities of public authorities and operators. A new generation of DRT services will become functional and integral part of regional mobility networks, enhancing accessibility for citizens, territorial cohesion and social inclusion. Integration is the key to the DREAM_PACE innovative approach, as DRT services are mostly developed as stand alone solutions to specific needs, the potential of scalable strategies and solutions is widely underestimated.
Partners will jointly develop a strategy for DRT in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans to be adopted at EU level, co-design, test and implement innovative DRT solutions enhancing mobility networks. Strategies and solutions will foster a better integration of DRT and public transport (Bologna, Pavia, Budapest areas), support a higher coordination among existing DT initiatives (Osttirol, Baden-Wuerttenberg) and experiment new integrated approaches for DRT “greenfields” (Split-Dalmatia County). DREAM_PACE will exploit the potential of integrated planning and digital and operational innovations for a common strategy and develop innovative DRT modular solutions. The project implementation builds on transnational cooperation to guarantee an adequate responsiveness and adaptability of project results to specific characteristics of mobility ecosystems across CE rural and peripheral areas