EUSTO (eng)


One of the greatest challenges in modern societies is the protection of surface transportation infrastructures. Over the years they have proven to be an attractive target for criminal acts and terrorist attacks. This stems from a combination of societal importance and “openness” by design, thus making these systems widely accessible and servicing millions of people across the EU. Modern surface transportation systems are inherently complex systems and widely interconnected and interdependent and therefore mutual understanding and concept of operations are needed to ensure the most effective protection.

EUSTO proposal originates from the real-world necessity to provide comprehensive and consolidated protection to surface transportation protection networks. In accordance to EU regulations, the responsibility for implementing protection programmes lays with the CI operator and national authorities, and ongoing efforts for the identification and designation of major European CI in the transportaion sector have been lacking progress in recent years. This proposal originates from this drawback in the implementation of the CIPS directive in the EU and aspires to make a small but vital contribution for its implementation.

Start date: 2014-07-01
End date: 2016-06-31
Duration: 24 months
Grant Agreement: HOME/2013/CIPS/AG/4000005091
Budget: 356.065,23 €
Funding: 320.459,63 €