He oversees the safety check of bus stops and routes of the local public transport, as well as the implementation of specific  technological development initiatives and funded projects.


She manages the contracts that regulate the parking and mobility sharing services and takes care of the SRM relationships with the service providers and with the Local Authorities.

Tommaso BONINO.

He is the technical director and oversees and coordinates all the operations of the company. He refers to the Managing Director.


She manages the activities of the General Affairs Department, including relations with the institutional stakeholders of the company. She deals with the protocol, accounting and personnel as part of the General Affairs.


He is involved in the technical management of Contracts of Service with the PT Operator. He is in charge of the relations with local bodies and produces studies and reports regarding the contracts.

Chiara LEPORI.

She supports the management of the economic-transport aspects of the entrustings in progress and the administration of the funds granted to SRM – also from European sources – for the coordination and implementation of specific projects.

Giuseppe LIGUORI.

He is responsible for the General Affairs department, he oversee relations with the company’s members and partners of the EU funded project.

Eugenio Margelli.

He manages databases of the company and of local bodies, mainly generated with the reports from the Contracts of Service.

Giuseppe MELELEO.

He oversees the lease of the line of business relating real estate and technologies owned by the SRM, essential for the provision of public transport. He is in charge of relationships with NCC-bus companies.

Giorgia PACI.

She is in charge for administrative activities, including secretarial and document management, under the direct supervision of the Director of General Affairs of SRM.

Raffaella RUGGIERO.

She provides support in carrying out the tender procedures and in the subsequent phases of awarding service contracts, of which she supervises the legal and administrative aspects and the related disclosure obligations.


Other staff resources, with fixed-term contracts or in control by local authorities, are involved in activities conducted by the company, in particular in the management of funding for projects approved by the European Commission and in the management of the Contract of Service relating to parking service/complementary activities to local mobility in the city of Bologna.
Several activities, such as the control of the services provided, are conducted by all the staff on different levels, with the aim of optimizing the resources available and the spirit of collaboration.

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