Remote regions in central Europe share the same risks and issues related to being at the periphery of main transport networks. Inadequate and under-used services, excessive costs, lack of last-mile services and proper intermodality, poor communication and information to users and car commuting are the challenges that many central European regions face.

The SMACKER project will address those disparities to promote public transport and mobility services that are demand-responsive and that connect local and regional systems to main corridors and transport nodes.

The SMACKER partners will assess main barriers and address them by providing solutions that draw on the best international know-how.

Soft measures (e.g. behaviour change campaigns) and hard measures (e.g. mobility service pilots) will be used to identify and promote eco-friendly solutions for public transport in rural and peripheral areas to achieve more liveable and sustainable environments, better integration of the population to main corridors and better services feeding main public transport. SMACKER will help local communities to re-design their transport services according to user needs and encourage people to use them.

D.C.3.3 SMACKER Mid-term Press release

D.C.3.4 SMACKER Final Press release

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